Why Neill Hopkins

With the recent changes in the market and the increased number of difficulties arising, the most skilled investors in the market question the accuracy of their financial plan. Neill Hopkins offers all his 30 years of expertise in the financial industry to help you achieve your short and long term goals in life. Operating at the highest level of trust and ethical standards, he provides you with customized plans and solutions for your business and personal life.

Neill Hopkins is a Senior Financial Security Advisor with Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company. He is licensed to offer his clients personal and business risk management tools like Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Health, Dental and Travel Insurance. He is also licensed to sell mutual funds and segregated funds to clients interested in investments.

“Let’s have coffee” are the first words that you will hear when contacting Neill. He is a strong believer in building a trusted relationship with his clients. On your first meeting, Neill Hopkins will get to know you as a friend before being a client. He has always intended to listen to your goals, life dreams, and your expectations of your investment. Neill will offer you his humble opinion on any investment options required to achieve your goal. On your next meeting, Neill will have a portfolio prepared for you that includes analysis of each of your investments. He will explain every step of your financial plan for the next five/ten years. He won’t proceed before making sure that you understand every phase of your plan and the benefits of it.